In THP we trust that tattoos are more than ink then you've already piqued our interest. Tattoos are a part of who we are, a beautiful accessory with a narrative inscribed on our bodies. At THP Tattoo, we want to amplify your passion for tattoos by showing you the beauty they possess and teaching you the skills necessary.

Our painters begin by teaching you the fundamentals of sketching and sharpening techniques before going on to ink and needles. Welcome to the group if you have stable sketching hands or if you are already an artist! We also assist you in improving your communication skills so that you may proactively offer ideas or readily understand what your consumer is truly seeking for.

However, becoming a tattoo artist entails not just keeping your hand steady, but also touching skin with care, using safe ink and needles, prescribing proper aftercare, determining what style will fit the consumer, and so on. We utilize vegan and organic ink, sanitized needles, and high-quality machinery to ensure the safety of our artists and clients. We investigate tattoo techniques for cover-up tattoos, calligraphy etc.



We believe in creating designs that suit your persona and psyche and helps to reflect your thoughts with which you have got it designed on your body.


To adorn the personality and mindset of an individual behind every design we create on our clients.

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